Don’t Judge these Sorority Girls for Taking Selfies


It was a night out at Chase Field for some sisters from Alpha Chi Omega and the Fox Sports Arizona announcers had lots of fun commenting on the barrage of selfies the girls were taking.

The video quickly went viral with no doubt  the stereo-types of self-absorbed girls completely engrossed in a self-absorbed session of selfies fueling the fire.

When the Diamondbacks tracked down the girls to offer them tickets to a future game, the ladies of A Chi O revealed a completely different side of themselves and their organization. Instead of accepting the tickets the sorority asked that they be given to their national philanthropy A New Leaf,  an organization that supports victims of domestic violence. The sorority is now using the ensuing publicity to generate even more support for the cause.

This is a great example of how quickly society jumps to conclusions about people and how inaccurate they can be. As educators we have to be really careful not to do the same thing in our classrooms by pegging kids with our own assumptions.

Great job Alpha Chi Omega!

Stream the Hamilton Soundtrack #hamiltunes

It is Broadway meets “Flocabulary” in this American History rap biography of Alexander Hamilton. has the streams shared by NPR of the cast recordings. Whether you’ve seen the show or just hearing about it now. These are well worth the listen. #StraightOuttaSaintKittsAndNevis

It’s here!

Check it out: You Can Finally Stream the Hamilton Soundtrack — Vulture

Discovery Education Offers Virtual Field Trip and Visit from Supreme Court Justice on Constitution Day


Screenshot 2015-09-11 10.01.40Discovery Education is offering a two-part interactive learning opportunity for next Thursday’s Constitution Day.

At 12PM Eastern, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Beyer will host a Q&A about his role on the high court in a video town hall format.

From 1:30 to 2:00 PM US Appeals Court Judge Marjorie O. Rendell will give a tour of the National Constitution Center and field questions as well.

Judge Marjorie O. Rendell

Visit Discovery’s event page to learn more, view grade level appropriate activities, or register your class for this FREE online learning event.

55 Tips from Google for Teaching and Learning

55 Google TipsAs the United States trickles back to school, Google is offering up some great tips for both educators and students.

All kinds of things from staying better organized with calendars to understanding how work is stored are covered in these quick hitting tutorials.

One of my biggest personal initiatives is to dig deeper into working with Google Classroom. A handful of the tips will help with that from both the teacher side of it and from the learner’s perspective.

55 Google Tips for Teaching and Learning.

Trekker from Google Street View Takes You to #PureMichigan

Take a deeper look at some of Michigan’s most breathtaking spots.

Trekker is new in Street View and takes you to places the Street View cars just can’t maneuver. has compiled links to all of the spots in Michigan like this trek across the Grand Hotel’s famous porch.

This video is a great look at what goes into capturing all of the amazing images provided by Google Trekker and a link to what’s available around Michigan.

Explore Amazing Michigan Locations With Google Trekker’s Stunning Street View – YouTube.

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